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Aug 21 2009
New Books 8-15-09
My apologies for these delays. I am so far behind and I may never get caught up.
However, please be patient!

Top Row Left To Right:
Annie's Granny Square- 50 pages!
'B' is for Baby- 22 soft and cuddly projects
Recycle It- 26 creative projects
Sandra July-August 2009- 33 summer designs
Bottom Row- Left To Right
Annie's- I can not Believe it's Sweatshirts- 6 fun designs
Annie's Prayer Shawls 2- 9 inspirational shawls
Lea Hardanger- beautiful designs- in German only
Sandra Children Special - 36 superb designs for kids!

PS- trying some new software and I hope it works!

Mar 19 2009
03-19-09-W Scheepjeswol Vintage Books
Following are 6 Scheepswol Vintage Bools

Top Row- Left to Right

New Stitches New Styles by Yvonne Newell- Very good designs using some non standard stitches
sich as 'smocking'; 'Lipping'; 'Waves' and 'Bubbling'. 32 pages
Bastion - 11 classical designs for men and women
Scheejeswol Journal 59 Fall- 44 fabulous designs for men and women

Scheepjeswol Pure Wool Brished Knitting Book #1-2 classics for women
Scheepjeswol Journal 60 Winter- 72 pages full of winter styles for men and women
Scheepjeswol Journal 54- Winter - 100 pages of indoor and winter winter styles for men and women

Mar 17 2009
schaffhauser vintage; xmas tat; crochet 5'' babies; Knit stars; hardanger; big bk dishcloths
An interesting collection for you today

Top Row Left to Bottom

Schaffhasuer Mode- a vintage book featuring 57 designs for men and women. The book has
cardigans, jackets, pullovers and accessories. Issue #56 from Switzerland.

Christmas Angels and other Tarring patterns by Monica Hahn

Itti Bitti Babies - crochet these cuties for the 5'' dolls

Bottom Row- Left to Right

Knitted Stars in th Making- grea designs featuring starts in the heavens

Lena Hardanger- now that Burda might not print any more of their famous hardanger books,
Lena will have the field by itself.In German only.

The Big Book of Dishcloths, Pot Holders & Scrubbies- don't knock it. Dishcloths are hot sellers in bazaars and this
book has 36 of them

More books later---

Mar 14 2009
03-14-09- U- Rowan; Louisa Harding; Schaffhauser Mode Vintage Book
Here are 5 more new books and an irressistible Vintage book with 89 sock patterns

Top Tow - Left to Right

Rown Classic- Romance by Martin Storey- 26 romantic styles by this master designer

Louisa Harding- Wlldspur - a fantastic collection with incredible illustrations if 'nature'

Louisa Harding- Rajasthan- 17 seductive design depicting styles of India

Bottom Row- Left to Right

Schaffghauser Mode- we would be better off if we request permission to reprint these 89
sock designs then break them down in 18 different books then sell each ome of
them for $10.95 each! Wht the heck- we simply do not have the time!

Rowan Classic- Reminiscence- another great collection by Martin Storey

Rowan Classic- Family - the whole family will l ove these designs by who else but Martin Storey.

Mar 14 2009
03-14-09-T Katia, Noro, Filati
It is very 'cold' for us down here- about 65 degrees. However, we have lost our adaptabiity
and our 65 degrees feels as cold as Montana's 5 below zero!

Following are some beautiful new books!

Top Row- Left to Right

Katia 57- a 182 page thesaurus of elegant designsfor men and women

Katia 48- an exceptional collection of 50 designs for baby

Katia 58 - 46 sporty and feminine designs including some 'knock out' short dresses, bags, etc...

Bottom Row- Left to Right

Katia 49 - a beautiful children's collecton of 35 playful styles

Noro 25 - a vry unique and interesting collection of designs featuring eegant Noro yarns

Filati #36 - 50 exciting famity designs for spring- from the casual to the romantic

Mar 12 2009
03-12-09-S Tatting Books
We have not forgotten our creative tatters and these new editions to our stock are exceptional

Top Row- Left to Right
Tat's is Where I Stopped by Nancy P Tracy- a newcomer with her first book. She is an electrical
designer and web developer for a major corporation. She can't wait to go home and
enjoy her family then get inspiration in tatting, gardening, temari, do volunteer work
and taking care of her husband and 7 children. Who ever said 'I have nothing to do!'?

Tatting With Beads II by the master tatter Rosemarie Peel

24 Snowflakes in Tatting by another talented tatter, Lene Bjorn

Bottom Row- Left to Right-

Christmas Collection - A very good collection of tatting Christmas goodies. It is a great
booklet but she should look for another printer! It is a little difficult to read her lines.

Here Be Dragons by the master tatter Karen Solomon.

Butterflies Migrating by The Pametto Tatters Guild-now you see an exceptional format.
It is simpy gorgeous- 45 projects- 128 illustrations tatted from age 9 to 99 !

All the above books would be a good addition to your library !

Mar 12 2009
Anny Blatt, Bouton d'Or; knit n style, knitters, sandra, simple style
A bunch of new and vintage books comig up!

Top Row Left to Right
Anny Blatt #205- another magnificent book by one of the world's leading edge cuture designer
yarn companies. The Manoir Vest and Monet Gilet ar stunning!
Knit n' Style- The June issue is here ! It is certainly up beat for ur economy. 31 jazzy and cool styles
Bouton D'Or #90- another great book by Anny Blatt's sister. Isn't the cover dress gorgeous?

Bottom Row eft to Right
Knitters Spring 2009 is finally here. It is full of colorful spring summer designs!
Sandra March 2009 - 30 exciting spring styles - very casual and very cool but perhaps not
in today's 3 degree temperatures in Minnesota!

More new designs coming up!

Feb 14 2009
02-14-09-B. Tahki, Filatura di Crosa; Stacy Charles; a vintage crochet purses book
Following are more new books and a vintage crochet purses book

Top R- Left to Right
Filatura di Crosa Superior Crochet - 8 fabulous designs that will knock your socks off!
Filatura di Crosa 2009 Spring Summer Collection
Stacy Charles Collezione- 2009 Spring Summer Collection

Bottom Row- Left to Right
Tahki 2209 'The Terra Colletion'
Tahki 2009 Cotton Classic -3rd edition
Fashion Flair Crochet Purses- 1982- 12 designs and 5 variations by Sandra Dye

Feb 14 2009
02-14-09-A.. Nickey Epstein; cat bordhi; rowan; knitting Noro
New and exciting books-

Top Row- Left to Right
Crocheting on the Edge- a 204 page hard back masterpiece by Nicky Epstein
The Rowan Lenpur Linen Collection by Sarah Hatton

Botom Row- Left to Right
Knitting On Top of the World- a masterpiece by the genius designer Nicky Epstein-
A truly fascinating collection- 252 page hardback edition.
Knitting Noro- a magical hard back by Jane Ellison using the famous Noro Yarns!
New Pathways for Sock Knitters by Cat Bordhi - an awesome collction!

Feb 13 2009
02-13-09-N New Berroco Books
New Berroco Book--

Top Row- Left to Right
#282 Latitude
#283 Seduce & Bonsai
#284 Family Comfort

Bottom Row- Left to Right
#285 Linen Picnic
#277- Peruvia

Gotta Scoot- Need my 'nap' due to medical reasons- will post more tomorrow-

Feb 13 2009
02-13-09-M.. Gaughan, Verena; Knit Scene; Sandra
A bunch of our favorite new books!

Verena Spring 2009- even though Verena is in German only, it continues to be our best selling
magazine- 75 georgeous designs!
Knitscene- Winter 08/spring 09- 32 special knits plus tips , etc. Knitscene was originaly conceived
by 3 better yarn companies and it has recently expanded with a more broad appeal.

Bottom Row- Left to Right
Sandra February 2009 - one of your best values with 33 spring styles
Verena- Winter 2008- 81 exciting styles in German only-
Sandra -January 2009- Rustic and romantic designs are awaiting for you!

more new books are coming shortly---

Feb 13 2009
02-13-09-L.. Sirdar; Debbie Bliss Magazine
New Books for You!

Top Row- Left to Right
Sirdar Crofter #349- 16 sensational designs for the family
Sirdar Tiny Tots Essential #351- 18 snuggly dk knits for babies, todlers and children to age 7
Sirdar The Juicy book #354- 14 knits for women . men, girls, and boys

Bottom Row- Left to Right
Sirdar Sea Side Babes #352- 14 knits for babies, girls, & boys to 7yers using Baby Bamboo DK
Sirdar Early Arrivals- 25 designs in soft snuggly dk and 4-ply fot tiny babies t0 12 months
Debbie Bliss Magazine Spring Summer 2009- no doubt you remember how quickly the premier
issue sold out. In fact, we had also sold out but we sent our scouts out and found a stack
therefore if you must have the premier issue, let us know- however, it is for a higher price
due to our extra costs and market conditions.
And so, don't wait too long for the Spring issue. it might also sell out quickly as well

more new books are comng up!

Velona Needlecraft