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  • We have assembled over 250 lists of items. The lists are grouped into various categories.
  • To see the categories, click the yellow "Item Categories" link at the top of this window. The categories will appear here.
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  • You can search our database for most items on our web site. The search buttons are available on all product lists, or simply click the "Search" link above.

What are the Categories?

  • Hot Off The Press are the very latest books and publications within the last few weeks.
  • New Items, of course, is a list of our newest books, leaflets, yarn company publications, magazines (and soon kits!). Just so you don't miss them, Hot Off The Press items are also listed in New Items.
  • Craft Types are books & leaflets listed by needlework technique: Knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, embroidery, etc. These lists do not include yarn company publications such as Anny Blatt and Pingouin because if they did, our knitting list, for example, would have over 1,000 items. Links to yarn company publications, though, are conveniently located within the craft type lists.
  • Book Subjects are a few lists by theme or content. If there's a technique or category you'd like to see, please
  • Yarn Company Publications are published by yarn mills such as Anny Blatt, Berger du Nord, Colinette, Katia, Pingouin, Rowan, Welcomme Paris, etc.
  • Leaflets are generally the popular publishers who make leaflets and small books. We've listed these separately because many of you like just the quick leaflet type projects.
  • Magazines are the trade magazines such as Anna, Burda, Sandra, Vogue Knitting, etc.
  • Authors are lists of books by selected authors. Of course, we have many more authors than what's listed.
  • Accessories at this time only lists buttons. But it will soon contain our needles and other accessories.
  • Velona Item Numbers lists are used by our staff to simplify looking-up books sorted by our own item numbers. But you're welcome to take a peek.
  • Remember . . . these pages represent only a small selection of what we have. If there is a particular book or magazine you need, please

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