Rosalie Peters Canvases
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ItemTitle / DescriptionPrice
C40016Rosalie Peters R-? 
C40011Rosalie Peters R1-B English Ribbon Dark$830.00
C40006Rosalie Peters R2 English Ribbon$480.00
C40009Rosalie Peters R8 Nottingham$620.00
C40018Rosalie Peters R11 Empress Scroll$720.00
C40004Rosalie Peters R11-A Empress Scroll$460.00
C40002Rosalie Peters R26-B 
C40014Rosalie Peters R27 
C40013Rosalie Peters R28 
C40003Rosalie Peters R28-A Oriental Fantasy$280.00
C40007Rosalie Peters R31-A 
C40008Rosalie Peters R32 Ribbons & Bows$560.00
C40001Rosalie Peters R32-A Ribbon & Bows$280.00
C40010Rosalie Peters R33 
C40012Rosalie Peters R34 Country French$600.00
C40000Rosalie Peters R35 Acanthus$640.00
C40005Rosalie Peters R36-A Tradition$290.00
C40017Rosalie Peters R37 Rabbit Rug$340.00
C40019Rosalie Peters R39 
C40020Rosalie Peters R40 Country French$860.00
C40015Rosalie Peters R42 Traditional Floral$820.00

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