Candlewicking Books & Patterns
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B01733ABC of CandlewickingFree*
B01793ASN Q-401 - The How-to-Candlewick Quilt
by Rita Weiss
B02198ASN Q-403 - Quick 'n Easy Candlewick Projects
by Rita Weiss
B01794ASN Q-404 - Candlewick Christmas Ornaments
by Rita Weiss
K50049Buttermold Pineapple$12.95
K50048Calico Cat$9.95
B01705Candlewick Creations
by Katherine Yoss
B02397Candlewicking & Beyond
by Gary Clarke
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B02195Candlewicking Christmas Book I$10.95
B02196Candlewicking Collection
by Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath
B03201Candlewicking Collections$10.95
B02192Candlewicking with Colors
by Kathleen Taylor
B02947Candlewicking in Contrast$8.95
B02193Candlewicking Design Book
by Kathleen Taylor
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B02197Candlewicking in Pastels
by Barbara Graham and Jeanne Jurvick
B01796Candlewicking Potpourri
Designs by Harry D. Hedgepath
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B03023Chicken Scratch & Candlewicking
Designs by Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath
B02946Chicken Wicken$8.95
K50055Country Farm$10.95
K50054Country Goose$18.50
B02194Country Style Candlewicking$11.95
B01715Creative Pillow Making
by Brenda Griffin
B02451Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Needlework
A Leisure Arts Publication
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B01706Kitchen Candlewick
by Katherine Yoss
B01846More Chicken Scratch & Candlewicking
Designs by Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath and Harry D. Hedgepath
B01795Museum Candlewicking - Border Designs$11.95
B03152Museum Candlewicking - Designs for Bookcovers, Pictures and Accessories$11.95
K50098Quilted Heart Pillow$16.50
B03124Rainbow Chasers - Whispers on the Wind$8.95
B03115Silver Threads - Things Once Remembered$8.00
B02269Tonia Todman's Candlewicking Book
by Tonia Todman
B02407Traditional Candlewicking
by Sandie Meldrum
B02981Wildflowers in Candlewicking
by Jan Potter
K50053Williamsburg Basket Table Runner$38.75

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