Item #B03023 (Book) -- $10.95
Chicken Scratch & Candlewicking
Designs by Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath
More Chicken Scratch and Candlewicking projects including hen in basket, bossie, dog, panda, goldfish, mouse, cockatoo, butterfly, duck decoy, horse, pig, spinning wheel, clock, chair, pitcher, churn, wash tub, hot air balloon, sailboat, nautilus, ABC blocks, rattle, oil lantern, tulip, unicorn, balloons, lilac in a basket, fruits, stained glassed window, lace heart, heart and flowers, ribbon lace, dove, bluebird, singing angel, candy cane, holly design, Christmas tree, flying angel, partridge in a pear tree, camel, ornaments, wise man, geometrics, chicken scratch alphabet and small alphabet.

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