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Fabric Color Chart Information

We have put many fabric samples on our web site. Each swatch is about 1-1/2" square so you can get a "feel" for the fabric in addition to seeing the colors. But larger swatches take longer to download (view) than tiny swatches lacking detail, so you'll have to wait a few moments on the larger color charts such as Wichelt Aida 14 & 16 Count and Linen 28 & 32 Count.

You can get to the color charts from most items on our Fabrics & Linens Page.

You must set your monitors to 16,000 colors ("thousands") in order to get full color images.
The standard 256 color setting only gives a few basic shades of each color,
which makes it impossible to see the real colors of our yarn and fabrics.

We've spent many hours scanning swatches and realized it's impossible to scan each and every fabric we carry. Keep in mind that in cases where we did not scan the actual fabric, substitute swatches may be used so you can still see the colors available. In these cases "S/S" will appear before the product numbers to remind you these are substitute swatches for color purposes only.

If you have questions or if there is any fabric, linen or canvas we can help you find, feel free to call, write, fax or email ( us.

Thank you again for visiting our site!

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