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Are you planning to link
directly to our images?

If you plan to sell your rare or out-of-print needlework items on eBay or another online auction web site, then please do not link your image directly to our web site.

If you purchased the item from us, then feel free to copy the image from our web site and upload it to your own web site or web server. If you did not purchase the item from us, then please do not copy the image from our web site. Only our customers are welcome to copy our images.

From time to time we find on-line auctions which link directly to our images without our permission. It is rude -- and it is theft! (If you would like us to host the image for you, we may do so for a nominal fee.)

If you choose to link to our images without our permission, you may find out that your auction image will be changed to an advertisement for OUR web site:

Repeat offenders may find other "unexpected" messages or complaints.

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